Welcome, friends.  I’m Andy Chanley.  So, there are only about three reasons you’ve ended up at my website; let’s try to figure out why you’re here. 

    Maybe you’ve heard me on the radio -- I’ve been broadcasting for 30 years, including long runs at Los Angeles institutions like 100.3 The Sound, Channel 103.1, and Modern Rock Y-107.  I currently host The Andy Chanley Show weekdays 3-7 PDT on 88.5FM KCSN in LA, and on around the world.  It’s a highly respected taste-maker radio station where I get to explore great new and old music every day, and I’ve never been more sonically gratified.



    You might have heard me on a podcast.  I do one with NFL Hall of Fame columnist Sam Farmer and LA radio veterans Larry Morgan and Josh Fleeger called Your Artificial Friends.  Or you could have heard one of the hundreds of Mark in the Morning podcasts I was on while co-hosting that memorable show with the inimitable Mark Thompson.  I also did over 1,000 video blogs called The Rock History Notebook before podcasts were even a thing. 

Or, perhaps you’ve heard my voice on something creative, from the newsreel narrator in the motion picture Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, to supporting roles in video games like Mass Effect and Doom 3, and all sorts of commercials, promos and industrial films in between.  If you're a client or agency, reels and contact info are all right here. 

Or, maybe you’re just lost.  After all, the Internet is a big, scary place.  So feel free to rest up a bit here before you shuffle on.  Glad you stopped by.  -ABC